Daily Routine

Out of School AM

The out of school club opens its doors at 7:45 am to welcome children and their parents. We have a wide range of activities set up for the children to play with including arts and crafts, games, puzzles, and role play. We also have a quiet area. We escort the children to school at 8:45 am, take them to their classroom and pass on any messages from parents to the staff at Thorns.

Out of School PM

Brambles staff collect the children from Thorns at 3.00pm. The children from years 1 and 2 are sent from their classroom by the teacher to meet us in the hall. The reception children are collected from their classroom.

We take the register and talk to the children about their day whilst handing out any letters or art work. We then go outside on the play ground and play with a wide range of outdoor toys. We stay outside until around 4:00 pm (weather permitting) and then we have a snack. We ask parents to provide a small snack for their child which is stored in the fridge.

After snack-time we have a wide range of activities for the children to enjoy (including art and craft, games, puzzles, quiet area, role play, television, computers and an adult directed activity).  We also now have a Nintendo Wii (usage is limited).  We ask the children to get involved in our planning and use their ideas (when possible).

At 5.30 pm encourage all the children to help tidy up any activities that are not being played with.

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