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Fees From September 2020

Early Years Entitlement 15 or 30 Hours

The term after every child’s 3rd birthday entitles them to 15 hours of free nursery education each week for 38 weeks per year. This can be used for morning sessions, lunch club and afternoon sessions. 

If you want to apply for funding for 30 free hours you must do so during the term before you would like the funding to start. Please see childcare for more information and the code to apply.

Any additional hours will cost £5.05 per hour. Our charges per session (over and above the 15 hours a week free nursery education) are:

  • £15.15 for a morning session
  • £15.15 for an afternoon session (includes lunch club)
  • £30.30 for a morning and afternoon session (includes lunch club) and
  • £5.15 for lunch club.

Please note that the funding can be split between providers.

Children Yet To Qualify For Early Years Entitlement

For children who are not yet eligible, our charges per session are:

  • £15.15 for a morning session
  • £15.15 for an afternoon session
  • £30.30 for a morning and afternoon session (cost includes lunch club) and
  • £15.15 for lunch club.


Invoices are issued in advance monthly and are calculated on the actual sessions booked, plus any additional extras requested by parents/carers. Payment is due on receipt and can be made directly into our bank account, by cheque, by Childcare Vouchers or the Tax Free Childcare Scheme. We reserve the right to apply an admin fee of £10.00 for late payment of invoices.

Pre School fees were last increased in September 2019 and it is anticipated that they will be increased again in September 2020.

Sometimes you can be unavoidably late collecting your children. We understand this so please let us know if you have been held up. A late collection charge will apply and a penalty of £10 will be payable for 3 instances of late collection. 


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