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General Information


Please provide a bag with a change of clothing, nappies and wipes etc. if required.


Although uniform is not compulsory we encourage parents to send children in the following:

Sky Blue Polo Top & Navy Blue Sweatshirt.

Loose fitting bottoms such as tracksuit trousers, or skirt.


Please bring a drink in a named bottle for your child whilst they are at pre-school. If you do forget we will ensure your child is given a drink.


If your child is unwell, please phone to let us know between 8.30am and 9.15am (01926 854486). If your child has suffered sickness, diarrhoea or a fever, please do not bring them to pre-school for 48 hours. Please note that refunds cannot be made for unattended sessions.


If your child is currently wearing either nappies or trainer pants, please ensure they have a supply of these with them as well as wipes and nappy sacks all in a named bag. Unfortunately, we cannot dispose of any used nappies or training pants, so they will be given back to parents.

Own toys

Your child may like to bring a special book, toy or comforter – this is absolutely fine as we want each child to feel happy and secure. We simply ask that no toy weapons be brought in. All children are encouraged to place toys in the basket at the start of each session. These are given back to the children just before home-time.



Daily Routine

Hours and Terms Dates